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Food and diet it works

Choco-Nana Muffins

0 BY Melissa Cantin, October 19, 2012, IN Comfort food, dessert, snack

These are not your typical banana-chocolate muffins. Instead of using mashed banana, the banana is ‘chunked’ for a more banana-y flavour in ever bite.  A little different but yummy!  The batter is very cake like and the muffins come out like little chocolate cakes. (more…)


Peanut Butter Bars

0 BY Melissa Cantin, October 17, 2012, IN Comfort food, dessert, snack

This is almost like a peanut butter shortbread, with icing. Make sure you don’t skip the icing, it just makes these bars complete. Enjoy!


Chocolate Fudge Brownies

1 BY Melissa Cantin, October 12, 2012, IN Comfort food, dessert

I want brownies. I’ve seen all these pins for brownies, looked at a bunch of different recipes around the web and today, I just couldn’t hold off any more. I WANT BROWNIES! So, I went to the original Canadian Kitchen Goddess, Jean Paré, and found her Brownies recipe. And then I tweaked it.


Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

0 BY Melissa Cantin, October 3, 2012, IN Comfort food, dessert

What to do with a leftover baguette?  You can, of course, freeze it to be used later.  You can cube it and make croutons. You can make a nice French Onion Soup and use some of the stale bread for toasted rounds. Or you can make this delicious dessert that reminds me of fall, farm


Pork Tenderloin Molé

0 BY Melissa Cantin, October 1, 2012, IN Comfort food, Pork

What the heck is molé (mō-lay), you ask? It’s aMexican style spicy chocolate sauce.  But wait! I said this was Pork Tenderloin Molé! How can you can pork and chocolate together?!?!? That’s just crazy!  Ah, my friends, you’ll see.